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Facility, Rules & Conditions

1. Only Students are allowed. No Working space is available for whatsover.
2. Time are strictly between 8.30 AM to 9.30 PM
3. No Eatables are allowed within the Library
4. Silence is to be maintained by each and every student.
5. No Wi-fi will be provided. 
6. Student will be allotted a prescribed seat to be choose among the availability.
7. Changes are allowed as permitted only.
8. Fees is payable in advance. Fees is not refundale.
9. Library will be opened for all day except Public Holiday or if not allowed to remain close by law applicable at the time.
10. Study books will be arranged by the students himself.
11. Many frequent will be known as disturbance and student may be expelled without any refund in fees.
12. A.C is provided in the library.
13. Time of open and close may be revised in summer/winter.

14. Any unauthorized activity will compel the stuent expelled subject to legal action required.

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