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What is Scholarship 2023-24 (Early Start Scheme)

This Scheme is for the Class 11th and Class 12th Student for the session 2023 -24, who desirous to appear in CA June 2024 Exam.

What are the benefit under Scheme ?

Student registered under this scheme can get a scholarship of upto 25,000 Rupees by way of fees refund if he meets certain criteria.

How a student can get refund ?

A Student who get more then 90% marks in Accounts, Economics, or Mathematics (In his upcoming Board Exams) , he will get Rs. 5,000 for each subject i.e. (max 15,000) + if he get more then 70% marks in CA Foundation May 2023-24, he will get Rs. 10,000 refund. So he will be refunded all of his CA Foundation Course fees which is Rs. 25,000.

What is the last date of Registration ?

Last Date of Registration to the Scheme is 31st October, 2023

Is the Scheme Applicable to the Student who have already passed before 2023-24 Session ?

No. This scheme is applicable to only 2023-24 Regular Students

What is the Fees under the Scheme ?

For Class XIIth (2023-24) Student fees is Rs. 25,000. Student who do not want to enroll in the schoarship may also note that the fees are 36,000 for Class 12th + CA Foundation and for Class 11th +12th +CA Foundation the fees are 46,000 covering all 3 subjects Accounts, Mathematics and Economics (in 11th and 12th)

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